“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan



These 2 sweeties belong to the ever-wonderful Michael & have been with us on & off for the last couple of weeks. All day Monday & all day today & just ½ day last week. Monday found us geocaching, finding treasures that were, alas, full of ants & rainwater. Great kids that these are, however, it made no difference. The hunt for the treasure was the fun. We turned a curve on the trail & came upon a bunny - big & brown & contentedly munching the grass, and absolutely not bothered by us. Sarah thought it would be quite wonderful if suddenly 5 snow white baby bunnies appeared, following their mother, and we looked (truly, we did!) but none showed up. Jace was quite mesmerized by the one-armed female jogger who passed us, and was disappointed when every other jogger who passed us had 2 whole, healthy arms. We walked the trails & came upon the Cancer Bell, a memorial & place of honor for cancer victims, their families & caregivers. Beneath the bell was a stepping stone, inlaid with mementos of victims - a spoon here, a piece of jewelry there, marbles & beads & other keepsakes. The kids think they need one in their back yard. Burger King & Chick-Fil-A have been the eating places of choice & I live in fear that today may be Chuck E Cheese! :) Nickelodeon is on the laptap computer in the front room & my door is closed against the sound - being over 10, I can only take so much. Sarah has written a story about Ham the Pig (LOL!) & Jace has illustrated it with pig pictures, or so he says - I assume he knows what he's talking about. Lily is in my office, sleeping in the chair behind me, having made her escape from being forced to play. A pretty relaxed day all in all.

Summertime. And the perks of owning your own small business. Kids & animals & work-a-day life all underfoot. I like that.


  1. Of course! What's not to like about summer, the imagination of kids and fast food delights!? love the little bit of blue you left in that sweet, sweet photograph :) You must make a nice step mimi...mimi is what i call myself rather than granny or grandma which just sounds tired or old or something.) i men that was very sporting of you to wait for that rabbit family to gather. i look forward to the days of Olivia coming all the way out here to visit and play with me. A little room all her own and plenty of make believe bunnies running around.

  2. We just saw a family of owls at the end of Mary's driveway & that was quite a hit. 2 babies & 1 parent keeping watch. I was as excited as they were! And I actually loved waiting for those rabbits - I'd just seen "Harvey" the night before and, well, you never know . . .

    :) Debi

  3. owls in the tree or owl hangin' around chatting with the white bunny family?
    i don't blame you for getting excited about seeing that family of owls..i've never met baby owl before. oh i bet they were cute!

  4. Robin - see my new post - July 3rd's. 5 owls!!!!!

  5. Kids have such a refreshing view of things, don't they?

    Makes me want to go outside and play.
    Just play.
    And I can!!!


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