“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Neighborhood magic & cheshire owls

My neighborhood is full of magic. You can almost feel it up against your skin - little nibbles & sparkles bouncing off your arms & legs & face, little flashes in the air - there! See it?!

This morning I had a double shadow. You can see it above, if you look closely. Only the color has been changed. I thought it looked like a painting; I couldn't resist; Van Gogh would've understood - the blades of grass look like brushstrokes. (In fact, if you let your inner pagan out for a moment, you'll realize they are brushstrokes painted by mama nature.)

And then there were 3 owls, later 4, sitting all in a row on a cherry laurel limb. I am now of the belief that Lewis Carroll based The Cheshire Cat on a owl - first one, and then suddenly another appeared sitting quite still right next to the first, and then a 3rd. Then a 4th. Instead of a smile, I'm sure their eyes must appear first.

Red dragonflies in the front yard, redtail hawks nesting down the street. A perfectly perfect neon-green lizard against the white belly spots of the hackberry tree. A raccoon with 4 babies all-a-tiptoe behind her - a private performance for the lovely Katie.

The next-door neighbor had a small get-together with another neighbor last night - comparing photos & tales of their vacations in Greece & Paris. I felt not one whit of jealousy.

And PS - My 1ooth post. Today. Thank you.


  1. Happy 100!!!!!

    Wow...I am back from my ocean and have been swept into another magical land. You saw all of these things!!! Can I come visit you?

    I saw an owl yesterday afternoon. I was driving down a quiet secluded road to visit my parents, and standing on the lawn of their neighbor's house was the most beautiful brown owl. He was really close to the road, so I stopped the car and we just stared at each other for the longest time. As soon as I moved my arm, he flew away.

    So good to see you again!
    I have some catching up to do on your posts....

  2. Jaime - It's so amazing! This morning I stood in silent communion with FIVE owls. They staring at me & I staring back. For about 25 minutes - 4 on one limb at one point, all nestled together. It's becoming a little morning meditation. I hope they stay for a while; I'd like it to continue. Actually, though, just looking for them is a bit of a meditation in itself - I have to really just be & stop thinking & then there they are. God is happy & tossing out out gifts!

    So glad you're back!
    :) Debi

  3. yes, happy 100!! gosh i got distracted from the original post just reading your and jamie's conversation back and forth :) but i must jump right in... the first time i ever went actual 'bird watching' i was completely frustrated by the fact that no matter how many pointed fingers were aimed at that brilliantly plumaged bird in the tree, or verbal instructions given, "see! right there on the left of that leaf!" no over to the right 2 inches!" i could not see it. binoculars, sunglasses, pulling my head this way and that. nothing helped. but the way you put it makes much more sense. now i understand from your 'mediation with the owl' that i had to stop looking to see them. just wait and i will see if i don't try so hard!

    yes if i don't really look i can see your double shadow :)

  4. 100th post! congratulations!

    magic in your neighborhood makes me want to go out and look for the magic in mine. i'm sure it's there.

    and as for shadows...read murakami and you'll be looking for them (however many there are) wherever you go!

    and by the way, i totally adores owls at the moment, tho' i never see them in my neighborhood. magic or not. :-)

  5. that was totally adore, not adores. :-)

  6. a 100th post and i failed to comment? ;) congrats!

    lov the photo and the mood it creates

  7. Robin - That is so true. When looking for the owls, who are looking right back at us, it still requires "stand here - look over my left shoulder, there - above that limb, next to that leaf". I haven't seen any owls in a couple of days, but am trying to stay with that feeling for meditation.

  8. Julie - I am googling Murakami as soon as I'm through here. Thanks for the suggestion. And PS - I will be checking your blog to see what magic you've found.

  9. Polona - 100! I can't believe it - I always thought I had nothing to say! :)

    Many thanks!


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