“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Hot fun in the summertime

The 3 kids spent Monday with us. 2 of them are pictured above. I'm not sure any words are needed.

I am way too old for this stuff. Or maybe it's just that, having never had children of my own, I have no experience with the craziness that 8 hours of kids (I cannot even begin to imagine 24/7 of kids) brings with it. Or maybe it was just yesterday's heat. We had Michael's 2 with us again yesterday (they were so disappointed that Emma wasn't here to help in their bedevilment of us hapless adults). At some point after lunch, after Maggie's daily injection, I had the brilliant idea to walk them to The Children's Park. Brilliant. Not too far of a trek, involving an exciting (if you're 4 years old) under-the-road tunnel, a little bit of water to wade in, just something new to see, a cool place to wander in for a bit. Except that it's July. In Texas. It's hot in July in Texas. I forgot. But there we were, and there were goldfish & tadpoles & a couple of little waterfalls & I only had to rescue another woman's baby once. Okay, rescue is perhaps not quite the right word, perhaps a bit grandiose, but the woman was not paying attention to this barely-a-toddler, she being too busy posing for a photographer in a teeny bikini (she had on the bikini, not the photographer) up on some rocks in front of one of the waterfalls. While baby boy headed for the water & was in it up to his waist before I got there. His mother/sister/baby-sitter (whatever she was) laughed & laughed - oh, she said, we brought him yesterday & let him wade, he thinks it's okay now, tee hee, ha ha, & back up to the rocks she went, leaving baby boy to wander about. This same woman/child broke the full length mirror she'd dragged into the park (to check that the bikini was covering everything it was supposed to cover) & left the jillions of little shards & bigger pieces laying about in Section 16 - the Story Ring. (I should've picked them up, but to be honest, I forgot about the mirror until after we'd left.)

But dramas aside, it was still hot. And very little shade, at least where the kids wanted to be. I lasted about 30 minutes, then called the ever-wonderful Michael to come get us. And I was done, as they say. Cooked. Never recuperated - required a early shower & bedtime when I got home.

All in all, though, the last 2 days were really fun. Noise & heat notwithstanding.


  1. Oh my goodness...that's quite a story! I can honestly say I've never taken a mirror, let alone a full length one to a park...:)

    Sounds like you've had your hands full...I wouldn't say your too old for it though...:)

  2. Oh, I was wishing I had my camera with me when the mirror appeared, marching its way over the hill! It was quite amazing.

    :) Debi

  3. You're doing God's work. I was hoping they would make it by today.

  4. A full length mirror???!!!???
    To the park?

    Now that sounds like fantastic people watching material. Wish I was there.

    Just how hot does it get in Texas in July? I'm just curious. Is it worse in August?

  5. Don't you mean "uncovering what she wanted uncovered"?
    Sounds like you earned your angel wings yesterday as my mom use to say!

  6. Michelle & Robert - You just do what you need to do. Although I WILL say we made it fun for them. I'm sure they'll be back.

    Jaime - isn't that hilarious? And the heat isn't that bad yet. It's in the mid 90s which is hot, I'll admit, especially when you're just sitting in the sun with way too many clothes in, but August will be worse. We haven't gotten close to 100 yet - that's when clothes start being shed with no thought or care as to what you may look like. I like to keep my hair long enough to be able to have a high ponytail & get it off my neck.

    And it's humid!
    :) Debi

  7. the photos of those.....fanthingy's look to be just the ticket for you needed today! you could have made a stop after target and head your head blown cool.

    now i do wish you had had a camera. better yet a video camera for the would-be-mom-wearing-bikini-model. what a show! i do believe i would have inadvertently missed the toddler-gone-swimming due to all together just gawking at this woman's outrageous confidence! or whatever it was that made/let her do that. that was a Marilyn Monroe event! ...or Brittany Spears event. i'm not sure which.

  8. Robin - it was TOOO funny! Michael's grandson was QUITE taken with her!


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