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98 degrees of hotness

I used to be such a summer baby. I think I've mentioned this before. I think I've mentioned before how the heat is changing this. I think I've even mentioned mentioning it before. This is what happens when you hit your 50s - they hit back. With a vengeance.

I used to head for the lake or a pool at the first hint of spring & sprawl there for the entire summer, and even well into fall. Not an unthinkable thing in Texas - it stays hot, the kids go back to school, and the lake becomes almost your own little private oasis. But now? Now? Now I'm starting to have these little hot "episodes". When I get really hot, I don't cool down as easily. Or I cool down & a few minutes later I feel the heat again - usually slapping me right across my face. So now I'm a baby. Now I have to be at the lake by early morning or I don't go at all. Now I don't stay long if I manage to actually make it there. Now the 3 or 4 minutes it takes the car a/c to really get going seems like an eternity. Now a trip to the store is a mental toss-up: should it be a quick in & out & back to the car before some of the coolness inside the car fades, or should I stay long enough to get really cooled off in the store's frigid air, only to face the incredible heat inside my vehicle when I climb back inside? And should I leave my sunglasses in the car, where they, too will become incredibly hot? Or shove them on top of my head while in the ice-cold store, knowing they'll steam up when I get outside again? Oh, the decisions I have to make. All of which seem so important. Your 50s take so much seriously.

Today was hot. The photo above was taken when I left Barnes & Noble, about 4 o'clock this afternoon. I'd been miserable when I got there. I was going to go to Target, but it's another 10 minutes down the road & those 10 minutes seemed just not worth it - not worth the hot, hot car that would be waiting for me when I finished shopping. Because Target is my favorite store - because it is impossible for me to not look at everything in the store while I'm there. That takes a while. I may not make it back there until fall.

But I digress. I'd stopped at Barnes & Noble instead - bookstores are my cure-all for whatever is ailing me. 45 minutes later I stepped outside, new books in hand, and thought "Whew! It's so much cooler than it was." And the thing is, it was. I took this picture out the car window, waiting for the a/c to kick in.

~ On a different, way more fun note, I've received this award from Valaine at Silent Dreamer:

Rules are to show the award on your blog, link to the person who gave it to you, and then pass it along to 7 others & let them know by commenting on their blogs. Also link to their blogs. I hereby, in no particular order, award the following: Robin, Jaime, Jolachka, Robert, Cookie, Paula and, of course, Bridgette.


  1. te he heee... when i opened the page and saw the Circuit City Pavilion sign i thought that was my blog award...for some reason...don't ask me. but i do thank you for the trophy. it is very kind of you to tag me as Brilliante. how cool is that!!?
    i'm sorry. i live in a state where after being in the grocery store for 15 minutes you are relieved to get in your car because the sun has given it some heat. that's in july and august. but the 50 years thing...well now... that is a different kind of heat. that is the heat of wisdom, passion for life, the heat of your hands rubbing together, itching to go on an adventure! sometimes it gets confusing though i agree.

  2. i'll be 50 this year, and you could have been writing about me! for the last couple of years my bedroom in the summer is like an icebox. at work i share an office with another who i keep frozen as well.

    ah, but that wonderful ability we have to take the heat of our tropical isle with us at all times, huh? arrghhh!

  3. Robin - I am so loving your description of what's REALLY happening when I feel a little, shall we say, warm. I am rubbing my hands together now, as a matter of fact. :)

    Rebecca - I am the same way, because it is all about me & MY comfort. Everybody else just better bring a sweater! Thanks for checking in!


  4. Hehe...Just like Robin, I thought that was the award too! Too funny.
    Thank you so much Debi...it feels wonderful to be acknowledged like this. But I might not play by the rules ;) I'm about to give back in my own little way.

    I so hear you when it comes to heat. I grew up in a semi-desert area where the heat gets really intense in the summer. I moved away for many reasons, but one was because I don't tolerate heat well...which is funny because I'm also one of those people who is cold all the time! My feet and hands are cold almost 9 months out of the year. But I still prefer to be in a colder climate than a warmer one.
    Wishing you lots of ice cubes :)

  5. thank you, debi! that was very sweet to pass that award along.

    i lived in phoenix for a couple of years, so i know the heat dilemma..but totally agree that a bookstore is always, always, always worth it. :-)

    don't really have that problem in denmark. i don't even think our car HAS air conditioning...

  6. Julie - I lived in Tucson during my growing up years (age 12 - 24) & as they say, "But it's a DRY heat".

    :) Debi

  7. :) i am glad jamie says "may not play by the rules.." ...and you say... "break some rules, love it!". good because following her lead i also found my very own way to respond to your gift :)

  8. I LOVED Jaime's response to this - I can't wait to see yours!


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