“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


With the wind came cardinals

With the wind came cardinals, and the small moments of her last summer.
The orange day lilies that beckoned the red dragonflies down from the sky,
the scent of the last honeysuckle.
Lizards & mice & baby owls, barely-there breezes,
dew on the tall grass over her head.
Sunrises that slipped their way into the day,
and in the evening, the joy of sunsets & cicada-song.
The sheer pleasure of the world outside.
One last look.

This painting is a poem -
the need for words both a burden and a lightening of the load.



  1. Just beautiful. You capture the feeling of summer in a way I can not find words for.

  2. Beautiful doesn't even begin to describe this! How amazing!

  3. Hele & Paula - Thank you & thank you! This is a painting I began in the spring & just put back. I knew where it began but that was all. And then last week I watched a couple of cardinals racing each other around this wisteria vine & I knew where it ended. I love it when that happens!

    :) Debi

  4. i love the painting... the bright red of the birds feels to me like life, like blood... and your words are sheer poetry...

    i understand this is about loss... and yet, there is so much life in the painting, in your words... the awareness of the world around us... i wish you and your kitty peace...

  5. Poignant painting and words. The textures, the color are lifeful and from a heart that is open to love and all the fragility that entails.

    Peace to you in this letting go...

  6. Polona & San - Thanks to both of you. The painting IS about loss, but it's also very much about life & savoring every moment. And enjoying it. (Although Maggie definitely does NOT enjoy or savor the time for her daily injection - it doesn't hurt her physically, but it makes her quite mad! However, like my vet said, where there's anger or complaining, there's life. Gotta love him!)

    Again, thank you both so much.

  7. i love every word, every paint stroke. i want to copy the poem and read it over and over. It can fill so many of those cracked open spaces in my heart. you are a wonder! i am so glad i found you so that you can take me on these unanticipated walks through another person's heart. it's your heart i guess!
    gee i hope you don't feel crowded by that comment.

  8. Robin - I feel quite happy about that comment. I heard one time that your heart just stretches to make room for others, so there's plenty of room. I'm sure it's true.

    :) Debi

  9. what a beautiful post and painting.
    reminds me of our last email about writing like a painter. :)

  10. Pure poetry.
    Just beautiful.

    I so love the colours and textures you use in your paintings. And the simplicity is divine.

    And just when I think I couldn't soak up any more beauty, I read your descriptions..your musings, and I am deeply awed.

    You are amazing.

  11. Bridgette & Jaime - Thank you both.
    It seems to be a year for birds. Maybe an owl painting eventually!



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