“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


The Valentine Connection

Oh, what to say about these? How gorgeous, how girly, what thoughts they conjure up! What words they conjure up! Clementines, fireflies, peonies, ruffles. My brain just flits from this photograph to these other imaginary pictures. I see summertime, tree houses, hammocks under the stars, white birds flying low across the lake, fireworks, a sparkler in my hand drawing pictures against the night sky. If these were star-shaped cookies (and not pink), I'd see tinsel & Christmas angels & pine cones.

It's funny how we connect things. Mary is 94, and beginning to have trouble expressing herself, which frustrates her greatly - she knows what she wants to say, but the wrong words slip out. This past weekend, I was visiting, and she was trying to tell me something about Lyndi-Linda, telling me that LL was with Valentine. I knew LL was helping her daughter move (incidentally, her daughter is not named Valentine, although, just as an aside, we did once have an employee named Cupid, who worked here at the same time as an employee named Venus - you just can't make this stuff up) and I mentioned this to Mary, who affirmed that yes, that's who she was referring to - LL's daughter. It made no sense to me, but our conversation continued, as conversations do, meandering here & there & at one point Mary asked me to tell her about Garnet. Who? You know, she said, and waved her hands at me. I commenced to guess . . . Lyndi? (No!) . . . Katie? (No!). You know, she said - the one who's just left for Greece. Ahhhhh, Amber, says I. And it struck me. Amber. Garnet. Gemstones. A connection. When I told this to the lovely Katie, she suggested that "The Valentine Connection" may have worked something like this: daughter = love = heart = valentine. I like that. Just another way of seeing.


  1. For days and days, I have been seeing "11" comments under my May 13th post about my cat. But there remained only 10. I kept thinking, "no, there is 11..someone must be coming along".
    Today, at last, YOU showed up. And left the sweetest comment about the struggle to do well by my ailing cat.

    My favorite number is 11. Your blog is beautiful. Maggie is now in my prayers. And so are you.

    I'll be back... :)

  2. The universe is working in mysterious ways. How very wonderful! Thank you for your prayers & kind comments. Welcome.

  3. As soon as I came to your blog tonight and saw that picture, I said out loud "Awwwwwwwww".

    There's something about pink. I have a bittersweet relationship with it. Sometimes I think it is the tackiest colour ever. Pepto Bismal Pink. yuk.

    Then I will see something sweet like this and I am immediately connected with the little girl within. Sometimes I like to wear something in a soft pink just to feel feminine.

    Lovely picture...lovely post.

  4. Jime - there is just SOMETHING about pink. I own almost nothing in this color, but constantly find myself drawn to it, and not just in a Pepto-Bismol kind of way (although - LOL! - thank God for the stuff). Wonder if it's nature or nuture?

  5. Okay, how embarassing! J-a-i-m-e! (Blogger needs to give us a way to edit ourselves when leaving comments. LOL!)

  6. Hey...no worries...we're even...

    I spelled Pepto Bismol wrong!



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