“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan



Do you look inside? Or outside? Do you, say, watch the blinker of the car ahead of you in the left turn lane, noticing that it is keeping exact time with your blinker? Does the round red-red-red rhythm paint pictures of cherries, of fat robins' breasts, of pop-apart beaded necklaces? Do you, like the lovely Katie, purchase a quite expensive bit of skin care wonderfulness, only to realize that the box of blue which contains it is the perfect, exact color you've been searching for to paint the guest room? Or can just a word - maybe azure - start the process? A sentence or two? " I want one bedroom painted a blue leaning toward purple, and I want that room kept empty except for the fill of light and the dust motes, drifting down like inside snow. It will be the place to stand in and get peaceful. To remember the fullness of spareness." ~ Elizabeth Berg/The Pull of the Moon. Reading paint chip names at the hardware store? Himalayan Paw, Snowman's Shadow, Harlow's Slip, Evening Pool, Veranda Iris. A trip to the grocery store? Blueberries, oranges, Granny Smith apples, bitter Venezuelan chocolate. Do you watch a rerun of Anthony Bourdain in Vietnam with the sound muted - swallowing only the images this time?

Is it all of the above? None? Are you inspired by dreams? Memories? Do you still feel yourself on your grandmother's front porch in the dark, surrounded by the singing of cicadas & the lazy thunk-pause-thunk-pause-thunk-pause of her rocking chair? My earliest memory is of being rocked by my mother. I remember the dusty spring colors of the air & walls - pale blues & grays, blurred rectangular shapes surrounding her. Is it coincidence that these are my favorite colors, that I am still most comfortable when they surround me?

Where does it come from for you?

And oh, here's the video.


  1. These women would drive a weak-minded man absolutely nutzo!

  2. Debi, you are such a gifted writer.

    When I read your words, the images that flow through my mind are beautiful and dream-like...ethereal.

    Your observations of the world around you are so rich with beauty and meaning.

    I see my own world differently when I read your words.


  3. RBL - So true. And THAT'S why we avoid weak-minded men. And make fun of them.

    Jaime - Thanks. I feel like I'm in a goofy, "artisty" frame of mind the last few days & just keep seeing colors & thinking about stuff way too much, probably, but oh well! :) I was supposed to be fun & silly this summer! LOL! I'm glad someone (i.e., not a weak-minded man) understands!

    :) Debi

  4. I just stumbled upon your blog- feels beautiful, haunting, little pieces of true blue. I'll be back to read more!

  5. I am thankful for all the inspirations: dharma talks, the ocean, my daughter, writing, singing, nature, other blogs, the kindness of strangers, my patients, your colors:)

  6. Lasuza - Welcome! Thanks for the visit & the kind words. It's a hard day today & they helped.

    Mermaid - To be included among your inspirations is so flattering! Thank you! :)

    Love, Debi

  7. Yes. And yes. Yes, yes and yes to it all! And, within the folds of a flower not fully open, the texture of a stone or brick wall, street signs, lights, colors and patterns in textiles; everywhere I go and everything I see inspires me.And, Anthony Bourdain's episode in Bali...
    It doesn't stop! But you, you my dear have articulated the process that happens within me so succintly!
    Jamie is so right...you ARE a gifted writer!

  8. Paula - Another Anthony Bourdain fan?! COOL!

  9. Love his show, his irreverence, the smirk on his face when the producers are making him do something incredibly inane. The one that really had me on the floor was the episode where the eskimo family eats this raw seal on their kitchen floor. Horrific and funny at the same time.
    New episodes air next week which include Saudi Arabia.

  10. A new season. I can't wait. ( I missed the Eskimo episode - I'll have to track it down in reruns.)

    :) Debi


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