“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


How the fairies find their way home at night

This photo is part of a teaching- myself process I'm involved in right now. It has nothing to do with real art, nothing to do with photographic purity - it's Photoshopped into what I wanted. Which is a glimpse into how fairies might find their way through the dark at night. Or something quite silly like that. Something very childlike & fairytale-ish & girly. There's a reason for this - I have actual plans (she says with all seriousness). I was inspired by people I saw this past weekend in Canton at the First Monday Trade Days. I found that I didn't want to buy anything, that everything I saw that I liked was something I could make (or have made) with a slightly different vision. I've always known intellectually that there are ways to make money (as people actually were) with some of the stuff I make - stuff I don't consider art at all, stuff I just consider as fun - it was quite an eye-opener to actually see it right out there in front of me. I just never really realized! And I don't know if I can loosen up enough to actually follow through on my "plan", but I am going to give myself this summer to play at it. I am back to my normal agonizing over & not finishing any paintings, and not even starting any collage boxes - I need to do something to jump start myself. And yes, I realize that a lot of the people I ran into & talked to have time to actually work on their stuff - they don't have another job - and I don't have that, but that's just something I'll have to figure out as I go along. Wish me luck - no, wish me the self-confidence to keep going. (It's a really good plan.)


  1. Oh, I am so in your corner, cheering you on!!!
    Creativity is a messy thing isn't it? Full of incomplete things, and things we don't think are art because *real* art can't be this fun, or silly or playful(which I think is crap) and we are so sensitive to what others might think, or not think. I hope you spend the whole summer exploring and creating, and being childlike (cause that's where it all stems from, this beautiful creative flow).
    I plan to spend my summer doing the same thing...but in photography form. I want to try all kinds of projects that I have put off for too long..maybe we could be each other's cheering squad.

    Your photo is magical...beautiful pearlescent colours. Perfect for faeries. xo

  2. Jaime - Thank you SO MUCH! After I posted this I thought how ridiculous it sounded, and how stupid the picture was - even though I KNOW it's a learning thing - not the final outcome. But that's what this blog is supposed to be for - putting it out there & playing & trying to not THINK so much. I agree it's crap that art can't be playful - let's have fun & make art at the same time!

    Consider me your cheerleader squad. I may even make pom-poms! (MY first silliness!!) :)

    Love, Debi

  3. hi debi, sounds like you're onto a good path. Art + Fun sounds good to me!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog about framing. I always feel lucky that I just need to get a frame and not mess with mats and glass. It just adds up!

  4. i so relate to this posting! like ALL of it. the agony of what i'm NOT doing to be creative--not painting, not scrapping, not sewing, not writing. it somehow feels totally right to me to encourage you to follow your plan and somehow in the process of saying that, it opens a small space for me as well--to be creative, to finish some of those half-started paintings, to put together a lomo collage, to put some of those earrings i've been producing up for sale on etsy...all those things i haven't been allowing myself to do. if you promise to do your creative things, i'll promise to do mine! :-)

    the photoshopped fairy night lights are a good start!

  5. Julie - Pom-poms for you too! We're all in this together!

    Bridgette - Isn't it funny that art + fun seems so difficult? LOL! (PS - Hope you're surviving the getting-ready-to-move time!)


  6. Do it!! Just do it!! Sorta like I'm wondering with my pursuit of curating my own art show (see 8x8x8link from my blog). I've no idea how to do press releases. Had to find a venue. I'm scared and excited at the same time. But any mistakes I make, I know that "babies will not die" as a result. My way of keeping life in perspective.
    "...and then the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it too to blossom."
    Bloom, my friend, bloom!

  7. Oh i wish you confidence and fearlessness in taking one step at a time! you know, telling us all of your intentions on your blog here is an important first step...then we can inquire and be curious and interested in your process!

    oh and now i am reading jamie's post at the top and thinking "for goodness sake i have stumbled upon an absolute colony of cheerleading angels!" gosh and then i read julie's comment... whoa girl you may have started an avalanche of pompoms!

    i love the little 'lanterns of light' that will guide those fairies along their way in the wood. like lighthouses in a wide blue sea. i love your blog :) and you have fabulous friends!
    your friend, bird tweet robin from down the road

  8. More pom-poms are in the works! A squad of cheerleading angels! How wonderful! Thank you Paula & Robin (and everyone!) for the wonderful support & comments!

  9. hi Smith, thank you for leaving me feeling so upbeat with your comment! =D. my thanks to Paula too for leading me back to your blog!

    it's beautiful what you have here with the image you created, capturing just right the words and thoughts that go along with it. i am so curious of your plan! feels like the fairies are glowing within you...


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