“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Friday the 13th

13 things that scare me:

1. Food in a restaurant that's been prepared with mayonnaise.
2. Entrapment of any kind - being stuck in traffic in a snowstorm counts. Total dependence on someone else or the government counts. Hurricane Katrina comes to mind.
3. Not having my own car - see #2.
4. Interview with the Vampire - the book
5. The telephone ringing in the middle of the night.
6. Trying on bathing suits in dressing rooms lit by flourescent light.
7. Not real crazy about snakes.
8. Paper cuts - I once read a story about a man who developed the flesh eating virus from a paper cut. Enough said.
9. Jaws. But I watch it every chance I get.
10. Cashiers who cough on the money as they hand you your change.
11. Running out of toilet paper, Pepto Bismol, or Dramamine.
12. The idea of being on a cruise ship. See #s 2 & 11.
13. Squirrels or mice in my house.


  1. what an intresting list. i agree wholeheartedly with 2,3 and 5. others are disturbing as well, but i don't mind so much snakes and rodents :)

  2. i hate trying on anything
    under florescent lighting...
    but i must say i welcome mice to
    my home ~ i have teeny plates and
    mugs for them...and bathrobes too:)


  3. You do realize that 13 is considered a lucky number? Mark's favorite number is 13. The only reason that Friday the 13th is considered unlucky is because of a massacre that happened a long time ago on that date.

  4. Hmmm...yeah number 2.

    I live on an island...we are supposed to be getting a MASSIVE earthquake sometime over the next 50 years. Could happen today, could happen way later, but, I plan to live here most of my life.
    What will happen if this island was cut off from the world due to a disaster like that? What if the island sinks into the ocean!!?!?! lol

    Ok..it's a big island, but still..it could happen.

  5. Maddie - I am not surprised you have dishes & clothing for mice & I have no doubt they are QUITE beautiful little dishes & bathrobes! I can just see them sitting around savoring little mugs of hot chocolate . . . Thanks so much for stopping by for a visit. :)


  6. Christy - I've never heard that & OMG! I just saw the Jefferson picture of you. I am smiling so big!

    Friday the 13th was also Robert's birthday. We're just not saying WHICH birthday!

    Love, Debi

  7. Jaime - I have this fantasy that if I lived on an island (no matter how big) & was cut off from the rest of the world, it would all be very "The Lost World"-y, without the dinosaurs & I'd have a great treehouse to live in, but I ALSO have this fantasy (more like knowledge - lol!) that in such a situation, I'd just be a scaredy-cat who doesn't know how to start a fire with sticks, and it's more all "Castaway"-y.


    Love, Debi

  8. i'm totally afraid of running out of toilet paper too!! that's so funny!! i'm not too keen on being out of fabric softener either...

    this is such a fun list, i'm going to make one too. :-)

    thanks for the monday inspiration!!

  9. hmmm...i laughed (in a nice way) at some of the things on your list....maybe not laugh because it is funny but because it is so familiar :) i'm afraid my list would be too long to fit on my blog and i wish i didn't have a list at all. things that scare me: not being prepared to die. and that covers a whole lotta ground.

  10. Julochka - Lulu's late husband used to JUST LAUGH & LAUGH at the way she stockpiled toilet paper. Then he found out I was the same way re: Pepto Bismol & that just cracked him up.

    Robin - You should try making a list. I think you'll find that it's a lot harder than you think. It was tougher than I thought it would be - most things just aggravate or annoy me, not really scare me. In fact most of my scared stuff stems from the fear of entrapment. I had to really work at coming up with scary things. :)

    Love, Debi

  11. Brilliant list! With watching Jaws so many times, are you able to go into the water?
    Trying on a bathing suit even in good lighting is scary for me.
    Very entertaining list.

  12. Paula - You can't keep me away from the water. I just bought a new floatie & am hopefully headed for a lake this weekend. No sharks, but an alligator shows up every once in a while. THAT'S kind of creepy!

    PS - One of Michael's favorite drawings of mine is one entitled "White Women Trying on Bathing Suits". He must have it around somewhere - maybe I'll post it in honor of summertime!

    :) Debi


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