“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Eating off the menu

Remember that scene in When Harry Met Sally? Sure you do - you know, the one where she's ordering food & wants this on the side & that over there? Well, me too. I eat out every day. Every day. And, like Sally, I just want what I want. Like today for instance. Mexican restaurant - been there before, remembered good things about it, knew the salsa was good. All I wanted was a chicken chalupa. One chicken chalupa. Therein lay the problem. I could get two chalupas, with rice & beans, but I didn't want two chalupas. Just one, please. Oh, I could've had one chimichanga or one enchilada, but I didn't want a chimichanga or enchilada. I didn't want a salad either. I didn't want anything fried (okay, I know the chips served with the salsa were fried, but that was my limit), I didn't want anything slathered in sour cream or chili con queso - I didn't even want plain queso. Just a chalupa. With rice on the side. Which I finally got, but only after declaring that I'd just not get anything today, thank you.

This is a constant problem. Monday I scraped a mound of mayonnaise from a grilled chicken sandwich (truly, what is the point of a grilled chicken sandwich covered in mayo?). I am constantly removing onions from hamburgers even though I order them without. I have, more than once, sent back a cheeseburger I've received when only ordering a hamburger. I am so difficult.

I always need extra tomatoes, no matter where I am. At Los Gueros, I always get the jr. beef taco, easy on the meat, then ask to have tomatoes & avocados added. (Note: why, when making tomato plural, do you add e-s, but when making avocado plural, you just add an s?) And it's not just me. If Katie & I go to Olive Garden for soup & salad, she needs an extra bowl of olives on the side, all green leaf lettuce (no iceberg). I just need extra tomatoes. Also, they have a scrumptious dessert with blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, raspberry sorbet & some kind of creamy stuff - I don't get the creamy stuff. Any smoothie I buy from Smoothie King has to be minus all their weird sweeteners, with no electrolytes. I just want the fruit & juice. I cannot tell you how many times they've explained to me how good electrolytes are for me. I just don't want them added.

Once, at Bruno's Italian Restaurant, after ordering his food, Robert took Katie's menu away from her - she was still reading it, trying to figure out what she wanted. When she told him she needed more time, he told her there wasn't enough time in the world for her to make a decision. She & I laughed about it afterwards. He may be right.

But we just want what we want.


  1. Sweetie! I am thinking of you and Maggie with prayers in my heart. You have been a joy in each other's lives and will meet again....I try to be happy for them, for they are going home...it's sad for us left behind though. Love you!

  2. I hear ya....

    Why do things have to be so complicated everywhere we go??? Like you,I am a simplist when it comes to food...actually, when it comes to almost everything. There's too much STUFF ...everywhere. In everything.
    Even just in the visual world...I'm talking about the man made visual world, as nature's display could never be too much.
    Advertising, for instance...it's overwhelming. I can't even peacefully check my email right now without this loud and obnoxious ad showing up on the side bar that is making my computer work really hard. It sounds like it's about to launch. I just want to read my email.

    I feel your pain. I really do.

    sigh..I feel better now. :)

  3. I can be like that at times too. Therefore I always preface my order with "Not to be one of THOSE women but...." SO the wait staff get a quick heads up and listens. ie "not to be one of those women but I would like a tonic water, NOT a soda water with a splash of cranberry juice and a lime. Please. Thank you."

  4. Christy - You are always here for me & I have not enough thanks to give you. Look for an email this weekend though!

    Jaime - Ain't it the truth? Too much stuff, too much sound, too much stimulation. I watch tv A LOT with the sound off - I know, people just shake their heads at me, but I can usually figure out all I need to know. In addition (and Michelle will get a kick out of this, since she has a baseball person in the family) I know for a fact that if I'm watching the Rangers on tv, all I have to do is turn the sound off & they will begin to play better. Us baseball fans are VERY superstitious! :)

    Michelle - YOur comment makes me think of my friend Lulu. No, she doesn't want carbonated water when she orders mineral water. Unless she asks for that! LOL! And you better NOT give her a Pepsi if she's ordered a Coke. All she wants is that you tell her in advance its pepsi & then she'll just get a Dr Pepper.

    Just wantin' what we want!

    Hope everyone gets what they want this weekend.

    :) Debi

  5. I'm the one who always wants a little bit of everything on the plate! That's my whole approach to life! And I want to choose which items I want to sample.
    Your words ring true on what can be seen as a mundane matter. That in itself I find to be a paradox even if it is about everyday life. My 2D art teacher had a 'mantra' that I just love: "life is about surviving the mundane". Why shouldn't yo be able to get just ONE chalupa with rice??

  6. Maybe you are teaching the waiting staff patience? What are you learning?

  7. i just don't know where i went wrong... the comment i left you yesterday is gone! caput, nowhere to be found. what i said was that i didn't eat out because the food is never what they say it will be..tasty for example..or hot..or fresh. i cook for myself and although it makes me grumpy to be stuck with that chore i am happier in the long run. and the other thing i said was a question.. what did katie order once robert took her menu away?
    you are a comedian debi! a poet and a comedian.

  8. Robin - I will have to ask Katie, but I'm sure she doesn't remember. Somehow THAT seemed so unimportant. :)

    Paula - The mundane things matter, don't they? They are really the stuff of life.

    Mermaid - You've made me think all weekend, and I still don't know. I want to say I've learned that wanting is the problem, but I don't think I've reached the point in my life where I really feel that way. I want to say I've learned to just ask, to be nice, to not take it so seriously - there's always a Taco Bell down the road. I'll be thinking about this for a while. Thanks for that.

    :) Debi

  9. Chimichangas used to be among my favorite food. But now the fried-ness, the greasiness, is unappealing to me. And if they don't have whole beans as opposed to smushed up, fried ones, I'd rather do without. Yes, one should be able to have a chalupa with rice on the side. No enchilada. No beans. No chimichanga. But, for the record, I'll have the enchilada. No beans. Yes on the rice. And lots of New Mexican green chile.


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