“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Of all the arrows, yours was the swiftest

I found this while letting Lily outside to enjoy the absolutely wonderful day. And that's what I need to keep in mind. It's an absolutely wonderful day. Ths sun is shining, it's about 80 degrees, I can hear birds singing. It's absolutely wonderful.

I spent the morning working on a painting that may be finished - when I get home I'll check on it & see if it's done, or if it needs a bit more time in my artistic oven. I'm trying to keep it simple, and that seems impossible for me, especially lately. I seem to just be staring at half finished canvases (half, she says! ha!) & walking away from them. I don't know what that's all about - I thought I'd broken free of that, I thought this blogging habit had cured me, I thought I'd evolved past all that. Apparently not. Lulu phoned this morning, and during our conversation she said that apparently she didn't like things easy. I told her that was a great book title (meaning for her), but I think I'm stealing it, and will use it for myself. Apparently I Don't Like Things Easy.

Actually I like things very easy. Like my phone bill. I should've known when Lulu called me at my cell number that something was odd, and momentarily I did, but then I got involved in gossiping & complaining & I forgot - until I picked up my land-line phone to call El Charro for a Pepper Chicken Delight & discovered I had no phone service. Cause they cut it off it off if you don't pay the bill. Since January. This is twice in the last 6 months! I'd gone my entire adult life never having anything cut off for non-payment, until this past January - that's right; I haven't paid my phone bill since I paid them to re-connect me after the first time I forgot to pay! No excuses - I just haven't paid it. I don't get my bill in the mail because I so smartly, so 21st century-ish, decided it would be easier if if I just had my bill e-mailed. It's a bad idea because apparently they send you cut-off notices via e-mail also. And when I see the subject line "Your ATT bill is ready for viewing" I just figure that, hey, I'll pay it later, and I delete it. And out of sight, out of mind.

But this is TWICE! Is this what getting older is all about? Is it hormonal? (Unlike some women who are offended if their hormones get blamed for certain wacky behaviours, I am more than willing, even enthusiastic, to lay the responsibility at the little rascals' feet.) What is up?

I still want the easy road. I'm gonna see if ATT will just automatically deduct the amount from my bank each month (as I already do with water & cable & car insurance). I'm sure they will be more than pleased to do so, although they will be missing out on my twice-a-year re-connect fee.


  1. I'm telling you this age thing...My mother was right when she said there were no golden years! Since my surgery I am forgetting everything! and when I think I remember something I am wrong, I was never wrong before...sigh, maybe the cute little old ladies, really haden't planned on being that way, maybe they are powerless at this point to be anything but..?

  2. It's crazy. If I have to do more than 1 new thing a day (like deal with a sick pet) or get rushed, I just forget stuff. I think maybe my brain is SO FULL (lol!) that it has to push a few things out to let new things in. Anyway, that's my story & my sticking to it.

  3. Maxine says" Age doesn't make you forgetful, having way too many stupid things to remember makes you forgetful."

    That's MY story...!

    Haven't heard from you? Got any good pictures yet?

  4. I'm with you. It's gotta be hormones.

    Thanks so much for your email.



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