“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Leaf silhouette

I've tried & tried to think of something inspirational or deep to say about this photograph, but I think the photo says it all. What I can add, however, is that I've lived with this plant for so many years - 15? 16? - and it's been in this same spot for the last 10 years or so, and I've never seen this before. I find it unlikely that it's never occurred before, so that means I've just never really looked at it in the morning light, when I'm all hustle & bustle to get ready for the day, or half awake preparing to hustle & bustle. So a gift for this morning. I'm learning to see.


  1. that's really cool

    "i'm learning to see" love how you put that.

    we all really miss so much everyday. i think that's why i love making art so much...it makes us slow down and SEE.

  2. it's those small details we have to keep our eyes peeled for...beautiful photo!

  3. I think you did find something very inspirational to say about that photo. Seeing familiar things in a new way..wonderful!

    The first word that came to mind when I saw it was sweet. Such a sweet little light shadow on the top leaf. Makes me smile.

    (light shadow...does that even make sense? you know what I mean...I think?)

  4. Thanks to all of y'all. I looked this morning to see if I could find the "light shadow" again, but it's too overcast. So I'm gonna look for other things.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! I'm right there with you on the "learning to see". Trying to get ready for Colorado...can't wait for the pics there!

  6. Great photo. Here via your comment at Bossy's.
    I am indeed impressed that you saw him when. Bill Hicks was quite a comedian. He died of pancreatic cancer at age 33.

    The door is a jar:

    He has some other great routines, too. Cheers!

  7. AP - It WAS Bill Hicks! You are GOOD! I can't believe he died that young - he wasn't too much younger than that when we saw him.
    Thanks for the info & the youtube link & welcome!


  8. Christy - I thought you were already GONE or I would've emailed you yesterday. Have fun & have fun learning that camera! Talk to ya later.

    Love, Debi


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