“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Hill blocks view

I saw this sign today and it so PERFECTLY described the way I feel right now that I turned around & drove back & stood in knee-high wildflowers to take this shot, from which I then so cleverly deleted the sky & trees. Because I'm in a bad mood & feeling sorry for myself & want no part of blue skies & green trees & wonderful days. I need to wallow in my pity for bit.

Yesterday was quite a wonderful day, spent at the lake - a birthday party for Kenny & Lynne, barge rides with no particular place to go, a surprise rainstorm that sent everyone scurrying for cover & yes, someone left the cake out in the rain, but never mind - no real harm done, candles were lit & wishes were wished.

This morning I was awakened at 7:30 (Sunday morning! And I'm not a good morning person even when I have to be!) by the telephone ringing. The caller ID listed a local hospital - nothing quite gets your heart rate going like reading that. It was my mother, calling to tell me she'd driven herself over to the hospital last night, feeling an minor attack of tachycardia and/or heart arrhythmia. She was okay, but needed me to feed her cat, Skye, and open the cat door. To do that, I needed to go to the hospital & get my mother's garage door opener & house keys. Now I have a key to get in her front door, unless she has it barricaded, as she usually does, but I do not have a key to the back door - only accessible through the garage. (I have complained about this to no avail many, many, many, many, many times - I won't even mention the time firemen had to scale her 8 ft. tall back fence to get to her during a medical emergency; I won't mention a couple of weeks ago when the ever-wonderful, ever-agile Michael had to scale that same fence to unlock the gate so she could get back in after accidentally locking herself out. I won't mention she had her hair in curlers at that time.) So after a normal hospital visit, which entailed trying to find out why her breakfast was 2 hours late, without getting angry at the nurse who explained it was because of computers - everything is computerized now & that just slows thing down, you see (a point here: While this may be true, things were plenty slowed down before the new computer programs began to be used - I've been taking my mom to the hospital for years) - I managed to get away. But not so fast. As I was paying to get out of the parking garage, my purse strap grabbed the garage door opener & flipped it to a secret hidden place somewhere inside my car. It took 15 minutes - I am not exaggerating - and a phone call to the ever-patient Michael to calm me down - before I could locate it. Stuck between the driver's side seat back & the console - quite hidden. By then I was wishing I'd taken more Lorazepam - hey, by then I realized I hadn't taken ANY Lorazepam, and quickly made up for lost time. Good thing, too, because once I got to the back door, I found it to be quite barricaded, also. It took several minutes to find a key to fit the deadbolt, but I could NOT get the key that fit the door handle to work. I jiggled, I wiggled, I swore, I swore some more. No luck. Because this is the door the above-mentioned firemen had to break through when they had to rescue her that time & she's never quite gotten around to having all the locks fixed - just an additional deadbolt installed. So I called one of my brothers - the one who'd installed the deadbolt, and he informed me that hey! Just because I had a key that fit into that handle didn't mean it was the right key! No sirree bob! It's just a fluke - he didn't know why it fit, because that lock uses the exact same key as her front door! Yes, isn't that convenient? So I finally got in. Only took 1/2 an hour. No biggie.

So then I decided to drive over to Blue Moon & just enjoy the flowers & the owner oh-so-kindly let me take some pictures & I bought myself a tin bird that hangs from a blue ribbon & a beautiful votive holder. Pictures of the rest of my day will come later.


  1. I am so sorry you had such a bad start to your day. Hope your mother is better, and get yourself copies of those keys made.--

  2. Oh what to say about this post? (I'm still giggling...I'm sorry, I know you had a rough day, but you tell this story so well!)

    You had one of THOSE days...poor thing. But you had me laughing so hard! The fact that you whited out everything around the sign because you weren't in the mood for blue sky and flowers....priceless.

    And objects disappearing mysteriously in the car..who hasn't had that happen? There is some sort of strange car vortex phenomenon that likes to play tricks on us.

    Great post...hugs...tomorrow will be a better day.

  3. Margo - from your fingers to my mother's ears. I've begged & complained, but she just won't do it. (In addition the the many keys, she also chains the doors!)

    And Jaime - Well, you GOTTA laugh! It was absurd! Especially the lost in the car part. I mean, I KNEW the silly thing was there, but it was like losing socks in the dryer. I just couldn't figure it out.

    Thanks to both of you. SURELY today will be calmer. Although I just read we have a full moon in Scorpio this week & that makes for emotional craziness. Uh oh!

  4. The case of the missing garage door opener--that so sounds like something that would happen to me. Purse straps present all kinds of mishaps eager to occur.

    Hope your mother is better and that you're feeling a little calmer...

  5. San - my mother is home & on the phone talking to everyone she must know - I know this because I CANNOT get through & she doesn't have call waiting. I am taking this as sign that all is normal.

    Thanks so much to you & to everyone who commented or emailed checking on her.



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