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The 2 best words in the world

Are they flip-flops? Is that 2 words or really just 1 word? I think the hyphen makes it 1 word, so that means that the 2 best words in the world today are "Maggie's Okay!" She does not have cancer, but she does have the very beginnings of kidney disease, which means I will have to learn to give her Kitty Dialysis 2ce a week. It's not as bad as it sounds, and I'm hoping I can do this, because otherwise she has to go back to the vet 2ce a week, which would be not only more expensive, but SO stressful for her. I am changing vets for this (with Dr. Alexander's blessings) because this vet office deals with just small animals (Dr. Alexander's office deals with everything - I once sat next to a black baby goat with a ring of pink around his mouth from the Pepto-Bismol his owner had been giving him) and they are much closer to my house, so it will be easier when I do have to take Maggie for a visit. The good news is also that she's at the VERY beginning stages of this & in fact her blood tests showed her to be quite healthy all in all, so hopefully she will be with me for a good while longer.

I feel good about all of this, even the vet change, although Dr. Alexander will still be my vet of choice for Lily. Yesterday, to keep Maggie from stressing too terribly (she's just like me & the ever-wonderful Michael constantly reminds me that I raised her), the new people lowered the lights in the room, and while she was laying in this little cradle thing they use for the sonogram procedure, I rubbed her little head & talked to her, one tech/nurse rubbed & massaged her front feet while holding her still, and another rubbed & massaged her back feet while holding them. I know I felt calmer - Maggie seemed quite dazed with all the calming attention. Anyway, we go back tomorrow for another "dialysis" (it only takes 2 or 3 minutes & is just injected under the skin) & they'll begin to teach me how to do this.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all of y'all. You may not think it makes a difference to send out prayers & thoughts, but it did. In fact I kept repeating y'all's names like a little mantra - out loud. Ostensibly to let Maggie know people were pulling for her, but really it was for me. It helped tremendously. I have such a near-phobia about medical stuff, and it truly helped me stay focused. I know that sounds goofy & crazy & neurotic - I admit to being all 3. So tomorrow I'll be using that mantra as I learn to give a shot!!! This year has just been full of surprises & new experiences.


  1. will you look at that? if i can get my comment written and up in a reasonable amount of time instead of the usually many hours it seems to take takes me i might be the first person to exclaim!...the baby black Pepto-Bismol goat sighting is true giggle material! i'm so glad your Maggie is in such delightful and good company! i think flip flops must two words because there are two shoes it represents... i am very happy for you, very relieved that this will be a time of living devotion and not one of loss and grief. I'm sure you could make a good nurse.

    oh...and your description of the two tech/nurses giving Maggie foot petting and massage sounds exactly like what a nurse did for me one time when i was having a surgical procedure done that was very frightening and had to be awake for. he kept petting my head and it made me cry...in a good way. that is a sweet place for your cat.
    your friend, bird tweet robin from down the road

  2. The baby goat was SOOO funny. I will never leave that vet totally - it's an amazing office. (The other day I was the next in line behind a guy with 16 heifers!) But you're right about the other vet being a sweet place for Maggie - I think it's a better fit for her.

    Thanks for checking in!

  3. Huge sigh of relief!!!!!

    Well, those are the two best words I heard all day!
    I'm so glad to hear that Maggie is doing alright. And the needle thing..don't sweat it. Before I got my bunny Taro, I had another one that a health problem that required me to give him subcutaneous fluids through a needle at the back of his neck on a regular basis. I was so freaked out by this at first... didn't want to hurt him...but he didn't even flinch, and I stopped flinching after about the 5th time or so. You get used to it..you do what you gotta do for the ones you love.

    The pink-lipped goat made me howl!!

  4. In Hawaii they are called, "rubba slippahs" or just "slippahs".
    You're on the right track with Maggie and doing the dialysis won't be so bad once you get used to it. And the special cat food for cats with kidney problems. Many years left to go with her!

  5. Jaime - I am SO GLAD to hear that - I'm pretty nervous about the whole thing, and it's good to hear from someone who's had the experience. Thank you!

    And Paula - thank you also! The vet said at this point he wan't even going to put Maggie on a special diet - he didn't think it was necessary yet. Which made me feel better. And btw, today I am wearing new pink "slippahs". You can never own too many!


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