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Wisteria Hysteria

The above title comes courtesy of the lovely lovely Katie - it's what she calls the absolute madness that seizes people to rush to take photos of the wisteria in our neighborhood at this time of year.  I, however, think it also applies to the attitude  people have about it. My mother hates  the stuff, our neighbor detests  it (and has used some incredibly potent, lethal, supposedly permanent solution to rid himself of the teeny little bit he used to have - we'll see; my money is on the wisteria making a return appearance). They don't like the WILDNESS  of it. Since I have no skills at all with azaleas - the piece de resistance  of our neighborhood - it's lucky that wisteria needs no help from me. It probably actually prefers that I just stay away. Every spring, the yard just erupts into a huge lavender landscape all on its own. How great is that And yes, I know  it will take over the entire place - trust me, I know  - but it makes me so happy that I don't care. The wildness of it makes me  smile! And that brings me back to my observation about who hates wisteria & who loves it. It feels like the tip of the iceberg if you find out someone hates wisteria. (The ever-wonderful Michael & Robert's iceberg theory: When someone says or does something that doesn't really seem all that  bad, just a little funny, a little off - like if they won't share any cookies with you - you can just bet it's the tip of the iceberg & soon you'll know more weird stuff about that person than you ever wanted to.)

The above photo is the front yard Saturday afternoon, after wisteria had begun to rain down on it. How could you not  like that?


  1. i love wisteria. :)

    We have it in our backyard and it makes me happy when it blooms.

  2. I personally think it's beautiful but can be very invasive and destructive. My mom has it all over her front banisters. I will have to get a picture when it starts blooming here.

  3. Here in the northeast, we have a short wisteria time, end of June. I DREAM of having a wisteria covered pergola in my back yard. Hopefully the pergola will come true this summer. Love Love Love it.

  4. I am SOOOO glad that I stopped by and saw your wisteria. I'm originally from Alabama where we had a HUGE wisteria bush in our front yard. Oh, how amazing that stuff smells when you walk by. It's such a beautiful fragrence, and the color is even more beautiful. WOW!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and playing Cookie's Treasure Hunt. I'm going to add you to my list of "Fortune Cookies" so that I'll be able to find you again.

    PS...I love the photo of your cat!


  5. Thanks to all of y'all!

    Christy - wisteria IS destructive & invasive! I think that's how it gets you - like a kitten or puppy. It just looks so cool & smells so good that you have to have it & THEN!! OMG! It requires so much WORK to keep it from destroying everything. And that's how it works with kittens & puppies - they're so CUTE! They look up at you with those EYES - how can you NOT take one home? And then it's so much WORK to keep them from destoying eveything! LOL! And in defense of my mother, that's why she hates it - too much constant maintenance. (Not that I do any - soon the house will just this big vine covered thing - is wisteria kin to kidzu?) And PS - personal email coming soon!

    Cookie - thanks for adding me. I'm gonna add you too - your spot is so much FUN! I love the idea of online treasure hunts!


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