“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Rose fence #1 - Jefferson, Texas

I've been sketching a series a series of ideas for fence paintings, so I found it a gift from the universe when Christy, Diana & I happened upon this wonderful little yard while in Jefferson. Surrounded by sagging fence posts & roses & clematis, enclosing a small homemade bird sanctuary, I made up stories about the woman I knew must live there, while Christy & Diana laughed. I could just see this woman talking to her plants & pigeons, content in her solitude, while all the nearby children laughed at her. Jefferson has ghost tours & I also knew her home must be on the route - I can see it in the fall with a little frost in the air, when darkness comes early, the moon hidden behind clouds. It just felt that way to me.

One of my favorite books when growing up, and one I still re-read is The Witch of Blackbird Pond. Doesn't that sound like a terrific place to live? I never wanted to be Kit, the young girl who's the "star" of the book - I always wanted to be the witch, living with my cat in my own little place, with the birds & the wind as my friends.

I took lots of photos, so have quite a bit of visual information & inspiration to egg on this series.

Expect to see more!


  1. I remember that book! Well, i remember the cover, I can't remember the story at all. My memory is going fast! :(

  2. The story you have begun to tell...it makes me want to see more of this intriguing house!

    I can see myself in this story...I see myself as an old lady one day, with my own house, and my own carefully tended garden...making friends with the birds and the butterflies.


  3. I also aspire to be that funny old lady down the street who has a faboo garden, dresses funny and it is a little errratic in behavior. Large banks of roses speak worlds about a home....... someone wo has never moved and taken the time to tend....plus a little romantic side. You sort of wonder what is inside their head.

  4. Had an absolutely FABULOUS time! Can't wait to come back. I will send you my photos of the garden as well to do with as you please. Will e-mail later today, need to wake up to work now.

  5. This is part of what's so great about blogging. Here I thought I was the only one who thought being that little old lady would be cool. It's so NICE to find some like-minded souls out there.

  6. I know I am going to be the little old lady with lots of cats...I vision my sons taking their dates aside right before thy enter the house and say"Oh yea, there is some thing about my mom I forgot to tell you, ..." I am glad we are all planning on being great little old ladies, frankly, the world needs more of them.

  7. Yes. The world DOES need more of them. I hope we all grow up to be these ladies.

  8. Oh! Oh. my. gosh! I knew we were kindred spirits. Knew it.

    I wanted to be the witch. Me too, me too!


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