“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Miss ya BABY!

The ever-wonderful, especially-generous-this-week Michael walked out the door yesterday evening, on his way to a long Cancun weekend with a dozen friends or so. I told him I was going to blog every day about how much I miss him & he looked so scared, amused, disbelieving, hopeful-that-I-was-kidding that I absolutely must say it.

This morning I was actually early to work because this happened:

This is a couple of blocks from my house, and unfortunately, it's about the 10th or 12th tree to go down in the last 2 or 3 years. Always resulting in no electricity for a while. That means a cold shower when you have one of those usually wonderful tankless water heaters. NOTHING wakes you up any faster! So there I was, awake & hungry, unable to make even tea, so I ran by Jack-in-the-Box (thankfully, it still had power) for breakfast, managed to get everything done that absolutely had to be done today, and then my computer printer went kablooey. Requiring many reboots & restarts of the computer, and then I decided to just clean my office while waiting, and then, since I'd been here earlier than usual, I got really hungry & had a pizza delivered. Not a particularly healthy food day.

Here I sit, pizza in hand, Lily asleep in the chair behind me. Luckily the printer has started to work. Sometimes you just have those days.

So, baby, I really DO miss you!! But consider yourself lucky to not be near me right now - while my mood is now improving with pizza and a coke, it was . . . well, you'd know better than anyone.


  1. Yikes! I was worrying about you earlier, glad to hear you're okay. Hopefully the cottage didn't blow away! Two weeks from tomorrow I will be headed south! Can't wait!!!

  2. Oh no, sometimes I forget I KNOW people in other parts of the country, I saw the bad weather on the news.
    Cat looks happy. Clearly she doesn't take showers.

  3. Christy & Michelle - thanks for the concern. Really this kind of stuff happens pretty often - once a tree fell across MY street a few seconds after I'd passed by it. (NOt close enough to hit me, but I've always regretted that I didn't actually see it fall - that would've been weird!)

  4. Wow! Makes me feel a little small whining about the snow in my back yard.

  5. SMC - I'd be whining about snow too! It's April - the snow should be gone! We really HAVE lost quite a few trees in my neighborhood in the last few years. The ground just gets so saturated with water that it can't support them any longer. The root systems are pretty shallow & the trees are pretty big. It's sad because these are OLD trees, but it brings new opportunities. After trees came down in the yard behind us & catty-cornered behind us, suddenly our backyard was getting more sun. And I came home one day to find roses blooming amongst the ivy - I'd been there 10 years & never knew there were even roses planted there.


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