“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


It's a small pink world

It's such a small world. I found these pink legs right down the street - about 5 or 6 blocks from where I'm sitting at this very minute, at Ye Olde City Antique Mall. I didn't even know this place was open and it's fabulous - I'm so happy! Years ago this spot belonged to someone else, under a different name, & it was pretty wonderful, but then he moved away & it became pretty-not-so-wonderful & I stopped checking by. There was no air conditioning & it gets hot here in East Texas, and that was okay when it was a cool place to go, but it had become just a so-so place, so I hadn't been by in about a year. But today as I was heading out for lunch - more fabulousness in the form of tacos pescados @ Stanley's Pit BBQ - I passed the new sign & couldn't resist turning in. And like I said, it's too good. And too close - I can already see myself handing over $$ for things I don't need.

Anyway, I met Margo Arrick - who is not the owner of the pink legs; I forgot to get her name & I'm so sorry because she was so nice about letting me take pictures - but does have a terrific spot inside. I'm already regretting I didn't buy the bird candy mold. Recently Country Home printed a letter & photo that Margo sent them, and I sat right there on my big old white living room couch & read the letter to the ever-wonderful Michael (ps - missing you, baby!) & said nice things about her, even though I didn't know her. You can check her out here at Robolady (she explains the name in her blog).

So not only did I meet another blogger, I had a great lunch & found more pink stuff for pictures - these legs just made me smile! - & a cool place to shop!

A much better day than yesterday!


  1. Hi Debi, So glad to have met you. The picture is wonderful, you definitely have an artist's eye. Her name is Carolyn, and she and Kenneth run the place. I can tell I'm going to enjoy your blog.

  2. Margo - thanks so much! I thought she might be Carolyn - the guy that was there - I guess he was Kenneth - gave me her card. But he also gave me Shelia P's card, so I wasn't sure.

    Thanks for checking in - I really liked your space too. It's kinda cool to actually know the places you talk about.


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