“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Dezah's flowers

I'm feeling quite sentimental today, so decided to alter a lovely little flower photograph I'd taken back in early March. This is a bloom from one of the bulbs I bought from Lyndi-Linda's granddaughter. As part of a school fundraiser she was selling various goodies - I got the bag-o-blue-flower-bulbs. 40 bulbs promising 40 blue flowers - the only one I knew was grape hyacinth. It was a deal.

I'm learning how to adjust this incorrect Photoshop technique & use it in the same way I use a brush in my paintings. I'm liking it more & more as I become more at ease with the procedure. Number 1 - save, save, save. Of course, I always go back & adjust strokes here & there anyway, just as I would with paint or pencil, so a mistake is never permanent. No things are permanent. Very Buddhist, very Ken Kesey.

I've added Miss Kitty's photo to the sidebar, as well as Charlie's. Charlie has lived with Bob & Mary for 4 years or so, and this morning I found him sitting at Bob's grave, smelling the bouquet I laid there yesterday, and I thought my heart would break. We're a very cat-friendly neighborhood. There are dogs as well, but, unlike when I was a child, the dogs are all behind fences & you usually only get to know them when they're being walked by their owners. The cats just do as they please. What's that saying? "Women & cats will do as they please, so men & dogs should relax & get used to the idea." ~ Robert Heinlein. The cats in the sidebar are not all mine (do cats ever really belong to anyone?) but in a way they are. They're like the rest of us who live on this wonderful, charmed block - we all just just wander between each other's homes as if they were one.

JY told us last night that he'd once told his doctor (who was about to suggest things/habits that JY should consider renouncing) that he could give up some things, but there 3 things he could not live without: Scotch, Wagner, and cats.

Nuff said.

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  1. Oh, I get this. I have a very bad case of allergies. As in two perscription medicines a day bad. I also have a cat. Won't hear of not having a car. Will. not. hear. of. it.


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