“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Spring Equinox

This is the first of my experiments to not use blue.  It proves that sometimes the universe just laughs & laughs at us.  For some reason - I don't know why; don't ask me to explain - I thought gold  would be perfect border for this little scene.  I mean gold!  I was feeling very India-y & red & gold seemed the perfect solution to get me out of my blue period.  So I used gold leaf - I really wanted it to feel like India, and I don't even know if there are robins in  India, but this is art, not real life, so it didn't matter.  And I've used gold leaf before - I've used silver leaf - I've used copper leaf.  Never a problem.  Of course, I was never going against my true nature, and like I said, the Universe (I decided I probably should be using a capital U) laughs when we try to mess with the true nature of things.  So, after applying the gold leaf, I painted over part of it with white - okay, I painted over most  of it with white; that lovely thick, thick Golden titanium white with nothing added to thin it down.  I let that dry & then applied a thick coat of glossy soft gel medium & figured when I got up this morning, it would be this gorgeous salute to India or wherever, and all it would need would be a coat of matte medium to tone it down & voila!   I would've completed experiment #1 with such success!   I would've used different  colors, I would've completed a painting quickly,  with no agonizing (okay, with minimum agonizing; okay, maybe more agonizing than that - this was originally the painting that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, the one that had me stumped re: whether to attach girl words  to it or not - obviously I decided not to & gessoed over the poor thing, put it out of its misery), I would've been a little looser  with the whole process. But the Universe couldn't help it - it had to just smile a little.  What I actually discovered this morning was that the gold leaf had turned blue-green.  My  blue-green.  I don't know if the paint wasn't really dry (I touched it! I checked!) when I applied the gel medium & that's what did it, or if was the combination of the two, or what, but this morning there it was.  It was almost a robin's egg blue,  actually.  And I admit it, I laughed.  I got out that wonderful titanium white again & I toned it down & I toned it down some more & here it is.  I actually like it with this color better than the gold - like I said, I don't know what I was thinking.  This color looks like spring is coming.


  1. How beautiful! I love the blue...so...robiny! I saw some robins yesterday, and some frolicking hawks...spring if definatly on its way here.
    Love to see more like this!

  2. I just want to know when we are going to get an owl post and some owl art. The owl is getting bored waiting on you!

  3. Alos: Instead of Maggies big bohunkus and Lily's mass murderer stare, are we going to get Miss Kitty? Blue? Bob? Charlie? Not to mention Lynda and Mary. You aren't hoarding pixels or something are you?

    Inquiring cats want to know!

  4. 1. Michelle - Thank you!

    2. Robert! I'm thinking about the owl - I go by & look at her; I've gotta figure it out in my head 1st.

    3. Robert! Maggie's bohunkus is NOT big - its curvaceous. You're spot on re: Lily. Miss Kitty will be wonderful, since I have your permission. Blue scares me. Bob is up. Charlie will be good. Mary will be good. Lyndi would KILL me! My sidebar will make me look like I have 1000 cats, instead of just 2, so I hereby issue a notice that these are NOT all mine!

  5. I changed my mind & took Bob off. He has a story due & I'll put him up then.


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