“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Serendipity & little pink dresses

Things just fall into place.  I've been watching girl movies all week -Becoming Jane, Vanity Fair,
Girl with a Pearl Earring, & this morning, Serendipity.  Spring is here, tomorrow is Easter.  Easter has always been my favorite holiday - when I was a little girl, the Easter Bunny would hide not only eggs, but our baskets (crammed full of goodies).  We'd return home from church to a yard full of surprises - part holiday, part treasure hunt, so different from Christmas morning, when we knew  where all our presents would be.  And then I grew up & Mr. Bunny stopped coming around.  Christmas morning still arrived with presents, but Easter did not.  (I still look every year to see if maybe . . .  but he is gone forever & it breaks my heart.)  Now  I've taken his place for others - I love to make baskets for my mother & for Mary & leave them at their front door early on Easter morning, and when my niece was born, I became the real Bunny for her, but I still feel a certain sadness that the magic of those childhood Easters is gone.  I know - it's silly & I should be embarrassed to even tell you, but I'm not.

And so . . .  that brings us to these dresses.  I wanted an Easter photograph to help tell this story, and I'd taken pictures of pink & magenta azaleas & white pear tree blossoms, but nothing felt right.  And then . . . there it was.  This pink dress.  Hanging among all the other Easter dresses outside Big Gran Fiesta (where for years I've secretly wanted to go - there are always these incredible dresses blowing in the wind outside the front door).  And so I got up the nerve to go inside & ask permission to take this picture - granted, no problem, thank you, de nada  - & the store is better than I'd ever dreamed  it could be, and I want to go back & take pictures of everything!

And then  I remembered my drawing.  From years ago.  My  pink dress - not an Easter dress, but my 6th grade graduation dress.  The first time I wore heels & stockings & felt so grown up  & so beautiful,  and full of joy & hope & expectations.  And then  I compared the images. Serendipity. The Easter Bunny is not  gone forever.


  1. I've got a copy of The Wild Bunch if you need to level your video karma this weekend.

  2. Is "Becoming Jane" any good? I have been wanting to rent it but haven't yet. Too busy "Dance, Dancing...."

  3. RBL - My video karma is just fine. It levels out by just watching the news.

    Christy - "Becoming Jane" is okay, but not great. Jane DOES live in more than one beautiful place & the movie is beautifully shot, and that was more than enough to make me happy. I would watch it again if it showed up on t.v.

  4. Does every girl have a memory of a pink dress? Mine was a dress I wore as a flower girl in a wedding. Every time I put it on I felt like a princess. If only I now had it in a size 8...

  5. Lisa - Surely it IS a universal girl thing. I remember my niece at age 3 or 4, all dressed up for a photo session, waltzing down the hall, saying "I'm the beautifullest, I'm the beautifullest . . ." (And now that I, too, have said goodbye to size 8s, I try to keep that phrase in mind!)

  6. here i am! from SS today. a full one year ago this was posted! too cool! i adore the painting, truly so full of that anticipation for what happiness there was then and for the thrill of what was to come next...now that you could wear high heels i mean who can say.... anything could happen!

    the photograph steals my heart too :)

  7. So perfect! I love seeing the two. meant to be.

  8. Robin - It is just too, too funny that you have found me here. I have emailed you!

    Kate - It was truly meant to be. I just laughed & laughed when I saw the two next to each other. The Universe plays with us!

    :) Debi


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